Social Studies 8


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Review Powerpoints:

Block 3:


Black Death: Black death jeopardy.ppt

100 Years War: 100 Years War and Joan of Arc Jeopardy.ppt

Knighthood: Knighthood.ppt

Trade and Town: trade and towns.ppt

Block 8:

Vocab: vocab social studies8.ppt

Trade and Towns: Jeopardy Trade-towns.ppt


100 Years War: Jeopardy 100 years.ppt

The Black Death:

Test Dates:

Late Middle Ages Test:

Block 8 - Friday June 2nd

Block 3 - Thursday June 1st

Review Jeopardy: Jeopardy Template.ppt

Late Middle Ages:

Late Middle Ages Vocab.docx

The Hundred Years' War:

100 Years War and Joan of Arc.pptx

The Hundred Years War Questions.docx

The Black Death:

The Black Death.ppt

The Black Death Questions.docx


Medieval Coat oF Arms.pptx

Knighthood in the Late Middle Ages.pptx

Knights Questions.docx

Trade & Towns

Europe’s Late Middle Ages.pptx

Trades and Towns Questions.docx

Elections Unit:

Make-up Assignment for Failed Election Tests

Electoral Reform Essay.docx

Test on all material covered in powerpoints and notes packages.  Please see Ms. Warawa if you are missing any notes. 

Block 8 Test Date: Thursday May 11th

Block 3 Test Date: Tuesday May 16th

Powerpoints Online:

Journal Entries:

Block 8: Due Thurs May 11th

Block 3: Due Tuesday May 16th

1) What are some potential problems if people do not
participate in their democracy? (ex. not voting in elections)

2)            A. Why do you think it is important for our government to be divided into three sections?

               B. Which level of government will have the greatest impact on you? Why?

3) Which people and experiences do you think have had the
largest impact on your own worldview and political ideology?