PAT Guidelines:

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Please review these notes for the upcoming Reading Comprehension PAT on June 25th:

ELA Reading Comprehension.docx (22726)



Final Study Guide.docx (14177)

Irony.pptx (39058)

Poetic Forms-Notes.doc (42,5 kB)

PoetryReview.doc (85,5 kB)

Elements of the Short Story.pptx (747,2 kB)

Literary Devices-Notes.doc (63,5 kB)

Grade 9 short story notes.doc (101 kB)


Projects and Assignments:

The Open Window by Henry Gilfond.docx (19132)

Literature Circles Gr 9 Short Stories.docx (53845)
Updated Checklists for Literature Circles Individual Roles.docx (20755)

Assignment II 2010.docx (18515)

Survival Story Assignment.docx (31380)

Grade 9 Write On 2 no picture.docx (16,1 kB)

Men of Stone Essay and Narrative Assignment.docx (13307) (Final Essay/Narrative Past Due) Please view notes in writing workshop section

Men of Stone Review.doc ( Due Weds February 26th)

personal Response Men of Stone.docx

Personal Response Assignment (Descriptive Paragraph).docx (19716) (Due February 18th)

Business Letter Assignment 1.docx (15334) (Due Thursday Jan 16th)

Writing Workshop Notes:

Men of Stone Writing References and Outlines:


ESSAY OUTLINE Grade 9.docx (60525)
Strategies for Writing an Essay.docx (28015)

Essay Structure.docx (36061)
Essay notes.doc (66048)

Narrative Graphic Organizer.docx (15092)

Tips for Writing a Short Story.docx (18905)

Dialogue Rules.docx (14855)

General Notes:

Editing Checklist with Evidence.docx (27658)

 Grammar Booklet Gr 9.docx

Writing Badly is Part of the Process.docx (29,5 kB)

Paragraph Structure.docx (13,2 kB)Business Letter Format.docx (25 kB)

Business Letter Format Example.docx (15184) (Use this template for Business Letter #1 Assignment)

Essay Graphic Organizer.docx (27,7 kB)Research Guide.doc (30 kB)

Quotes to Reflect on-L2B.pptx (262,4 kB)

Please review all of these documents when studying for the PAT on May 12th

Grammar Booklet Gr 9.docx (38,9 kB)

Dialogue Rules.docx (14855)
Timely Transitions.doc (49152)

Business Letter Format.docx (25 kB)

Business Letter Format Example.docx (14,8 kB)
Paragraph Structure.docx (13,2 kB)

Essay notes1.doc (57856)

Essay Structure.docx (36061)

Essay tips.doc (32256)
Strategies for Writing an Essay.docx (28211)

Tips for Writing a Short Story.docx (18905)

Reading Workshops and Notes:

ELA9_Unit1_L1Aworksheets.doc (47,5 kB)

Color Meanings.doc (62 kB)

Poetry Analysis-Equality vs. Rasism.docx (21,6 kB)

Rules for Shared Reading.docx (44,4 kB)

Film Unit.ppt (3,3 MB)

Thematic Units:

Men of Stone - student revised.doc (393216)

Men o f Stone.docx (198678) (Book in Word Document)


Revised Course Outline:

Course Outline Language Arts 9-2013 Revised 2014.doc (82,5 kB)